Monday, August 31, 2009

Sour Politics

With the death of a great Liberal - Sen. Ted Kennedy, I have seen some generous and respectful Republicans do and say some great things about Kennedy the past few days, makes me proud to be American. However some really sour Republicans continue to bash President Obama. You know I sat through 8 years of George W. Bush and never bashed him once and respected him even though I felt he did many wrong things. And now you can't sit through 8 months of President Obama, really? I take it personal and don't tell me it's not racial, because it is. I am gonna continue to stand behind my President and I love him and my country. No one is perfect and if you don't like it then you run for office make a difference in your area or state or the entire country but don't sit here and bash our President!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Jackson more than the greatest entertainer...

Michael Jackson was more than an awesome entertainer. He was a great humanitarian and a champion for all people around the world especially children. After his untimely passing on June 25th I cried at least once a day for at least six weeks straight. It has been several weeks since I cried but today as word spread that his death was "officially" ruled a homicide.....I cried again. I was just in Los Angeles a week before his death. Took a pic of his star on Hollywood Blvd. and took a tour that drove me in front of his rental house (Christmas wreaths and all :0). All the excitement and then a week later tragedy. Michael Jackson was soooo much to me! He was a part of my growing up! His family especially Janet were my idols and the Jackson family was a huge part of Black American culture and pride. Some people don't understand how I feel for him. They see him as just a fallen entertainer. He was soooo much more and he was one of the first stars to say "hey let's feed these hungry children, let's help these kids with cancer." All the world did was eat him up and spit lies about him. I hate that in his lifetime he did not experience all the love shown towards him since his death. Michael Jackson will forever live on in my heart and so many others. I wanted to share the words to "Can You Feel It." It was written by Michael and his brother Jackie for their Triumph album. It was not only an awesome song but breaking video of its time. Many times we were so awed by the movements of Michael and his talented family we may have not listened to so many touching lyrics such as these (embedded video too):

Can you feel it,
Can you feel it,
Can you feel it

If you look around
The whole world's coming together now, babe

Can you feel it,
Can you feel it,
Can you feel it

Feel it in the air,
The wind is taking it everywhere, yeah

Can you feel it,
Can you feel it,
Can you feel it

All the colors of the world should be
Lovin’ each other wholeheartedly
Yes, it’s all right
Take my message to your brother and tell him twice
Spread the word and try to teach the man
Who is hating his brother,
When hate won’t do, hoo
‘cuz we’re all the same,
yes the blood inside of me is inside of you

Now tell me can you feel it,
(Hee)can you feel it,
can you feel it

Now tell me
can you feel it,
can you feel it,
can you feel it, yeah yeah, uhh

Sing aloud,
because we want to make a crowd, yeah
touch a hand sing,
a sound so pure salvation rings,

tell me can you feel it,
can you feel it,
can you feel it, yeah yeah , hoo

can you feel it, hee
can you feel it, ooo oooooo
can you feel it

All the children of the world should be
loving each other wholeheartedly,
yes it's alright,
take my message to your brother and tell him twice,
take the news to the marching men,
who are killing their brothers when death won't do, hee
'cuz were all the same
yes the blood inside of me is inside of you,

now tell me can you feel it,
tell me can you feel it,
can you feel it, hee

can you see what's goin' down,
can you feel it in your bones,
can you feel it, hee

yeah yeah, hoo

Every breath you take
Is someone’s death in another place
('nother place, 'nother place, 'nother place)
Every healthy smile
Is hunger and strife to another child
('nother child, 'nother child,)
But the stars do shine
In promising salvation, is near this time
(Near this time)
Can you feel it now
So brothers and sisters show me you know how
Now tell me, can you feel it,
Tell me can you feel it,
Can you feel it, hey hey, hoo, (talk)-(goin' down)
can you see what's goin' down
open up your mi- hi-hi hind,

All the children of the world should be,
loving each other wholeheartedley, hoo
yes it's alright
take my message to your brother and tell him twice,(Haaa ha)
tell the news to the marching men
who are killing their brothers when death won't do, hee
yes we're all the same
yes the blood inside my veins is inside of you,

now tell me can you feel it,
can you feel it,
can you feel it

(can you,can you,can you feel it yeah) Can you feel it
(can you feel it)can you feel it
(can you feel it)can you feel it.

Now I ask can you feel it? ~Rika

Friday, August 14, 2009

My thoughts on Michael Vick & the Eagles

I know some people are all excited that Michael Vick is getting that "second chance." Some people say everyone deserves it. Well what about you or me? If we become convicted felons our lives as we know it is over and pretty much prosperity is out of the question. Why does Michael Vick and other pro athletes become the exception????? So he goes back to making millions with a fancy smancy "I'm sorry, I made a mistake" press conference. He was cruel to animals people that's a lot different than other things you may actually deserve a bounce back from. It just shows how our priorities are all off. The average educator makes about $40,000 to 50,000/annually and the average athlete around $2.9 million/annually. What's wrong with this picture? Vick is going to make $1.9 million this next season with the option of making $5.2 million the next. Whatttttt?????? I am actually surprised that an organization like the Philadephia Eagles would take this chance. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Post

Hey guys, I joined almost a year ago following a friend that moved to Tokyo. I have been bad at updating this and posting but promise to do so soon. In the mean time here is a little bit about me :)........I’m Morika bka Rika aka Elle Diaz (tu mamasota) and now dubbed “Your Mid-Day Darling Rika” on a new internet radio station called the IRN! I’m outgoing, funny, beautiful, intelligent, and driven. I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. I have always been very humorous around family, friends, and strangers. Actually I should say I never meet a stranger, I’m a talker and always have been! I’ve been told countless times that I’m easy to fall in love with as a person. If I get the feeling you don’t like me or I don’t like you haha, I tend to not talk as much or use limitations in communicating with ya. But I tend to give people second chances (at least, lol). I also have the ability to make people laugh and smile. I’m an excellent writer. I have written poems, short stories, songs and several other works. I’m an artist too and love displaying my work in my bedroom. I also have the strong gift of moving people with my dramatic acting and public speaking. I gave my first public speech at the age of 4 in front of a crowd of over 3,000. Haven’t shut up since! I also began acting in Dramas around the same time. I have extensive experience in public speaking including hosting and emceeing different occasions. I have won acting awards on stage and have a wide range of acting talents. People assumed I would pursue acting and theater after high school. However, I thought more on a realistic line and wanted to pursue accounting and law. I was one of those rare folks that could do well with people and numbers. I was a good high school student graduating in top of my class without even studying. Unfortunately college is a different story it’s all about studying, many people with high IQ’s fail and some with mediocre ones succeed because of studying. I mostly partied and enjoyed the life away from home and didn’t focus on studies as I should. Got home sick after awhile and moved home after 2 years in the great city of Austin attending the University of Texas at Austin. I eventually ended up in commercial/corporate real estate in Houston. I loved it and it was good money. But something else was calling my name something beyond the corporate world. I decided to return to school and pursue more of the things in media I have always been interested in. I’ve been promoting since January 2006. It gave me the push to try some other things. Actually with the encouragement of my boss at the job I was walking away from I pursued radio. I started working with “The Roula & Ryan Show” at 104.1 KRBE in January 2007. In May I made my stay a little more permanent and ventured into production and voice over work. I’m still there. I branched out and also now work for KSHN 99.9 FM as an on air personality and announcer on a part time basis. I recently started hosting my own mid day internet radio show at a new internet radio station called the IRN- and also serve as Program Director. I’m enjoying life and working on some more great things to follow. It’s funny when I run into people I haven’t seen in awhile and tell them what I’m doing in radio and they say “oh yeah I definitely see you doing something like that, you have the gifts and talents for that.” Well I am looking for bigger and better things and working on some projects right now. Took me a few years to wake up and see where I needed to be and I’m finally enjoying what I do. Been through some things along the way but looking only to the future at this point!