Sunday, August 1, 2010


So this past week has been hard. Mark and I broke up for good, I'm sure and we both agreed it was time, but it's still hard for me. I guess he's taking it better or at least acting like it. I think for me it's just that we have put 2 years into this and it's failed but hey some people put longer than that into it and do the same. We just couldn't make it work so many miles apart. Our relationship never stood a chance. But the past couple days I have been much better! Along with my parents illnesses that have kept me busy taking care of them and not really myself, I've started the thoughts of being ready for marriage and a family of my own. I've been stressed!!!!!!!

So Thursday morning I picked my mom up for dialysis. In comes a dragonfly through the front door when I was loading the car. Just the day before someone posted a church saying about a different type of "drag n fly" and my friend Shelli posted something about the real "dragonfly" and its symbolism. I told her about it and received encouragement from her. I saw another yesterday. I don't know if this is a sign but I am hoping it is.

I feel better after a couple days on Galveston Island. Just waiting on these two dragonflies to do their work. Here is tidbit on the symbolism of dragonflies......

For as many cultural meanings there are for Dragonflies, there are just as many symbol meanings of the strong winged insect. The main symbolism are renewal, positive force and power of life in general with a sense of self that comes with maturity. The Dragonfly is a creature of the wind so it's only fitting that it represents change. They skitter across the water surface implying that our deeper thoughts are surfacing. We are reminded that when our deeper thoughts rise we must also pay close attention to what is deeper than what's on the surface.The Dragonfly's colors
are a result of reflecting the power of light so they are associated with color magic or an illusion in causing others only to see what you want them to see. They remind us that we are made of light and we can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to. They symbolize going past self created illusions that limit our growing and changing and being a creature of water they carry a symbol of dreaming and thoughts.The most popular answer of dragonfly symbolism is the sense of self that comes with maturity and there's a strong link to them and butterflies since they both represent change. Dragonflies are a creature that you learn to appreciate as you age and look more deeply at your life, which is where the link to change and self appreciation comes in. As we age we don't just see the surface of things, we start to pick apart our lives and see more meaning in things. No matter what symbol you see in the insect, the fact is that the dragonfly lives a short life and lives it's life to the fullest which is the strongest lesson we can learn from them overall.