Thursday, October 8, 2009

Melrose Place

I am totally loving the new Melrose Place. Each week I think the episodes get better!!!! If ya know me, ya know I am a huge Ashlee Simpson-Wentz fan! I think this is her best work to date. Back off critics. She is very creepy on this show but it rocks!!!! Much darker side to her and I love the acting work she is doing. This Melrose Place is a lot darker than the original but I think that makes it more current. Also talks of ratings not as high as producers and network hoped! Well I say keep it please!!!!! Also Heather Locklear is on the way next month to make her Melrose comeback which is sure to shoot the ratings thru the roof!!!! I'm just hoping the rumors of possible cancellation are not true. I am not a fan of the new 90210 - will always go for the original but I am definitely loving the 2009 Melrose Place. (Me with Ashlee in Feb 2009 at KRBE - she told me she loved my hair color!!!!!)

Didn't Michael Vick already have a project abusing dogs????

I should have known the all time low BET hit with reality television when they gave Keyshia Cole's bio mother Frankie and sister Neff a show! Now the Michael Vick Project????? You already know how I feel about Michael Vick. When I mentioned to someone about Michael Vick's reality show they said "he has done his time." OK and now he is rewarded once again? Millions in the NFL isn't enough huh? Hmmmm something is wrong with this! Then they brought up Martha Stewart. Anyone that knows me well knows I love Martha Stewart and I feel if she had of been the other gender she would have never went to jail. She did nothing more than what thousands of males do everyday but she went to prison. I admire Martha she is a hard working woman that built her business from the ground up. Michael Vick is an animal abuser and admitted he was addicted to this culture. There is no comparison. This only fueled my fire to speak out how I feel BET is making a huge mistake on airing this reality show - The Michael Vick Project. People were outraged that DJ AM's intervention show is still going to air on MTV but not upset about this????? Come on!