Sunday, April 18, 2010


I really enjoyed the vacation time Mark and I had last month. But I stay so busy doing for others when I am at home, I make no time for myself. I have been blaming others but last night after I forgot something I wanted to attend with a friend. I realized I could only blame myself. I have let this consume me. I miss the days when I had fun with friends and good times. The past couple years have been hell but I know that I can make it better and I have to let myself have time for myself.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My mom on dialysis

So while I was on vacation in Vegas/California, my mom went into the hopsital for kidney failure. Her kidney function has been going down the past 4 years or so. Unfortunately because she wasn't taking her medicine correctly becaue she wanted to continue to teach, tests were showing a false function percentage. Once she retired and started taking the meds correctly about 6 weeks ago, true function was showing in blood tests. So far dialysis has been a roller coaster. As her primary care giver it's hard on me. Really hard, I get help here and there but it's not like the 24/7 experience I have on top of making sure my dad is alright as well. It's hard and I have had to put some of my plans on hold. I would love to hear from other children with parents on dialysis and in my position. I think it will be therapeutic. On a positive note, my mom was switched to morning shift for her dialysis yesterday and it worked better. Hoping maybe she can get switched for good, that would be great.