Sunday, October 17, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What to do??????? Put a mobile home beside my parents? Buy some land in Hardin/Moss Hill area and build a small home? Purchase a starter home in Mont Belvieu, Baytown or Atascocita (trying to stay close to my parents)? Or buy a nice size foreclosure home at a good price but will have to fix up?

So many decisions to make but as I have a birthday tomorrow, I am feeling the pressure of my 30's. Several times before I was going to buy a home but could never make up my mind. I wish I would have bought a home back then. Over the years I have paid wayyyyyy too much rent for places that will never be mine. I want something of my own. It upsets me that some people in my family think that I should just wait and inherit my parents home. Well, I hope that my parents are around for a long time to come. Also why is it that everyone else in my family can experience the joy of owning their own home and I can't??? Isn't that a bit selfish? I want to stay close to my parents as their primary caretaker. So I have some big decisions to make...

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